Spring 2012 ADVANCE Leadership Development Workshop


  • Betsy Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
  • Laura Severin, Professor of English

All sessions are scheduled from 12-1:30pm in M8 Caldwell.

Session One: Introductory Session (W Jan 18)

  •   Overview of ADVANCE (Laura Severin)
  •   Interactive Exercise (Laura Severin)
  •   Discussion of Leadership Style Questionnaire/ Leadership Theory (Betsy Brown)
  •   Discussion of Reading (Betsy Brown)
  •   Overview of Shadowing (Betsy Brown)
  •   Overview of Journaling (Laura Severin)
  •   Reading: “Inside-Out Leadership”

Session Two: Panel: Getting Started in Administration (W Feb 8)

  • Panelists:  Jo-Ann Cohen, Associate Dean of PAMS; Chandra Cox,
  • Head of Art and Design; Margo Daub, Head of Plant Biology, and
  • Nancy M. White, Director, UNC Coastal Studies Institute
  •  Moderator: Betsy Brown
  •  Reading: “Becoming a Department Chair” (Reading is for reference.)

Session Three: Communication and Conflict Resolution – Betsy Brown (W Feb 22)

Session Four: Panel: Issues Faced by Women in Administration (W Mar 14)

  • Panelists:  Patricia Cormier, former President of Longwood University;
  • Jayne Fleener, Dean of Education; and Terri Lomax, Vice Chancellor for Research
  • Moderator: Dan Solomon, Dean of PAMS

Session Five: Managing Time, Stress and Work-Life Integration (Laura Severin) (W Mar 28)

Session Six: Panel: Issues Faced by Underrepresented Minorities in Administration (W Apr 11)

  • Panelists: Connie B. Allen, Provost, St. Augustine College; Jose Picart, Special
  • Assistant to the Provost for Outreach and Engagement; and Joanne Woodard,
  • Vice Provost for Institutional Equity and Diversity
  • Moderator:  Betsy Brown

Session Seven: Concluding Session (W Apr 25)