Reading List

Emerging Leaders 2011-2012

Tentative Schedule of Readings and Activities

Note:  All meetings are from 12-1:30pm.  Fall meetings are in M8 Caldwell; room scheduling underway for spring 2012, but M8 is likely.  You’ll be provided with lunch, as in previous years.

Fall Semester

W Aug 17—

W Sep 21—

  • Training/Practice with Search Committee Powerpoint

W Oct 19—

  • Project Presentations:  Best Practices at Peer Universities
  • Amy Grunden, Traciel Reid, Julie Earp

W Nov 16—

  • Case Studies: “Solo Faculty” (handout)

Spring Semester

W Jan 25—

  • Project Presentations: Building on Success
  • Kara, Joel, Jessica, Paola

W Feb 15—

  • Case Studies—either Jo Ann Moody or group makes up their own

W Mar 21—

  • Project Presentations: Intervention Strategies
  • Maria, Wendy, Heidi

W Apr 18—

  • Next Steps
  • Final Project Presentations