Committee on Broadening Impact of the Developing Diverse Departments Project
6/2/2011 – present

The charge for the committee is to think about how to expand the benefits of the D3 project to the larger campus community.  A large part of that will be to brainstorm what to share and how to share the information, insights, and best practices gained in the D3 project. The charge also includes thinking about other activities that the D3 project might want to sponsor.

The committee membership includes representation from all of the components of the D3 project:

D3 Senior Personnel

  1. Jo-Ann Cohen, co-chair
  2. Karen Daniels, co-chair

ADVANCE Scholars

  1. Maria Correa (EL)
  2. Wendy Krause (EL)
  3. Paola Sztajn (SL)
  4. Thomas Schaefer (SL)

Leadership Workshops

  1. Leda Lunardi
  2. Maria Oliver-Hoyo
  3. Cynthia Istook
  4. Karen Norwood

Department Heads’ Climate Workshops

  1. Ellen McIntyre
  2. Rich Gould
  3. Jerrell Coggburn

Committee on Institutionalizing Components of the Developing Diverse Departments project
6/2/2011 to present

The charge of the committee is to determine what elements of the D3 project can be institutionalized and made a part of NC State’s regular offerings and operations. Considerations may include effectiveness, feasibility, and any changes or additions that would need to be made to the existing components. In addition, the committee should think about how to go about implementing these ideas and, where possible, begin the process of implementing them. The committee members will also play a key role in educating and promoting the initiatives to campus leaders.


  1. Betsy Brown, chair
  2. Margo Daub
  3. Laura Severin
  4. Dan Solomon

Committee on Next Steps/Future Funding
8/5/2011 to present

The charge of the committee is to outline our goals and steps to take regarding securingadditional funding after the current grant period is over. There are many questions to be answered: what kind of grant would we want to pursue; eg. ADVANCE IT, ADVANCE PAID; what would the project goals be and how would the project try to accomplish the goals; who would be involved in writing the proposal, conducting the activities, the target audience; what would the timeline be?


  1. Betsy Brown
  2. Rebecca Brent
  3. Laura Severin
  4. Margo Daub
  5. Dan Solomon
  6. Christine Grant, co-chair
  7. Marcia Gumpertz, co-chair