Past Subcommittees

2011 Retreat Planning Committee

The committee consisted of representatives from all of the components of the D3 project: the two advisory groups, participants in the two workshop series, two ADVANCE Scholars, the senior personnel, and the project coordinator.  The members, along with their roles in the D3 project are:

  • Karen Daniels, Assistant Professor of Physics (member of Emerging Advisory Group)
  • Joel Ducoste, Associate Professor of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering (EL ADVANCE Scholar)
  • Jayne Fleener, Dean of the College of Education (member of Senior Advisory Group)
  • Karla Henderson, Professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (SL ADVANCE Scholar)
  • Sunny Liu, Associate Professor of Animal Science (member of 2010 Leadership Development Workshop)
  • Malcolm Roberts, Head, Department of Population Health and Pathobiology¬†(member of 2009-10 Climate Workshop)
  • Ming Trammel – co-chair, D3 Project Coordinator (member of senior personnel)
  • Joanne Woodard, – co-chair, Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Equity (member of senior personnel)